The Luck Archive: Mark Menjivar

In conjunction with the Super G Experiential Residency Program, current resident Mark Menjivar has been collaborating with flea market vendors to create a Luck Installation. All items in the installation relate to luck and have been sourced from the grocery store and various vendors at the Super G. Some items included are: cinnamon, cats, dice, dream catchers, NASCAR memorabilia, shot glasses, UFOs, dolphins, candles, food items, fortune cookies and more.

This installation is an extension of the Luck Archive – an ongoing investigation into luck that Menjivar has been working on for over 2 years. Menjivar is inviting visitors to experience the installation and contribute to the archive.

On Saturday November 9th from 9AM-11AM there will be an open house with the artist at the Super G Flea Market located at 4927 W Market St. in Greensboro. All are welcomed!


Here is the book!


Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.36.49 PM



Welcome Adam Moser, Director of the Super G Experiential Residency Program

Breaking News: Adam Moser is the new Director of the Super G Experiential Residency Program. Adam is already beginning to program residents for Fall, so hold on to your lids. Look out Greensboro, there is a new Director in town!

Adam Moser’s work celebrates the moments and relationships that often pass us by without notice. His definition of art emerges through various expansive and inclusive actions. His care for his family, his friends, and the people he has yet to meet are the heart of his projects, with conversation a constant presence. Adam’s projects will energize our experiences of personal history, humor, negotiation, teamwork and the mundane. Moser’s work has been exhibited and experienced internationally. Recent projects include The Reverse Grant (Portland, OR), Hammer Yearbook (The Hammer Museum – Los Angeles, CA), The Cut-Off Men (Grand Central Art Center – Santa Ana, CA), and High and Outside – The Story of Hosford, a feature length documentary about a pickup softball game.

If you are interested in speaking to Adam, because you want to get involved or just say hello, you can reach him on his cell: (828) 310 – 2341 or by email: Adam Moser

Stay in touch for more updates soon. The Super G is picking up speed!

Our time has ended…

Thank you to everyone who supported Steven and I in our endeavors at the Super G. Without you, this definitely would not have been possible. We did some things… and here they are –

– A dictionary compendium of words Steven did not know when he was reading Invisible Cities.
Invisible Cities Dictionary Compendium Final

A photographic composite of visitors to the Super G who were willing to pose in a zentai suit.

The Final Week!

It’s our final week at the Super-G! It’s been great to experience this experiential residency.

Please come visit us at Emma Keys, Friday @ 9:00 PM for an evening of art conversation. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what we’ve been up to –