Seeking Collaborative Groups for Super G: Experiential Residency Program

First Residency Begins July 1st, 2010

Apply anytime!    Get Application Here

The Super G: Experiential Residency Program is an intensive three-week residency that invites thinkers and practitioners to collectively develop projects that are directed towards the production of “experience.”

The Super G Mart is a 75,000 square foot international supermarket and public flea market.  Residents are given a 144 square foot space within the flea market to use and transform in any way wish.  This space can act as a central hub for exploring the Super G, an actual site for social engagement, a temporary resource for the public, or simply a place to sit and do nothing.

Each group of residents will be supported by a rotating group of interns, free wi-fi and access to the space 7-days a week for the entire three-week period.

Resident groups invited to the program can range from professionals and amateurs in a vast variety of disciplines from musicians, architects, poets, yogi’s, carpenters, anthropologists, chefs, athletes, and more.

To conclude each residency, collaborative groups will give a public talk at the Super G discussing their use of the space and the experience of the residency.  The talk can take any form.   Documentation is necessary.

Selected documentation and written descriptions from each group’s residency will be material for the production of a book to be published later called “Super G: Experiential Residency Program. In essence, each collaborative groups activity will be the subject of a chapter in the book, which will act as an archive of the program.

For more information or to apply, contact Lee Walton at or Donovan McKnight at


Collaborators Lee Walton and Donovan McKnight have paired to orchestrate this residency program to question the possibilities of the Super G as site for the production of experience.

Lee Walton’s work takes many forms from drawing, performance, net art, video, public art and more. Walton has exhibited and created projects for museums, institutions and cities both nationally and internationally.  His public art is often situational and involves collaboration with numerous participants.  Walton is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. His work can be viewed at

Donovan McKnight is a current master’s candidate in the Liberal Studies program at UNC Greensboro.  McKnight is co-director of a community development organization, Face to Face Greensboro, which organizes public events geared toward person-to-person interaction and collective enlightenment through conversation. McKnight is also a co-director of Spare Room, an artist-run initiative that nomadically facilitates opportunities in open spaces for emerging artists, makers, and thinkers.  He is employed by the North Carolina Humanities Council.

4927 West Market Street   Greensboro, NC

You can do anything you want in here…


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