Meet The G’s Current Residents -Sam, Josh and Rox

This month, The Super G is being experienced by three people – Sam, Josh and Roxy.   C’mon on down and meet them in person.  Last we heard they had a tent in the flea market and somebody was sleeping in it.

Sam Bridges was born in Greensboro, NC. After running off into the woods and playing social worker at an outdoor program for three years, he returned to Greensboro to study graphic design. He pays rent working in publication design and freelancing. Most of what he knows of art comes from good conversation (and idolizing Ray Johnson. And Bas Jan Ander. And no he doesn’t want to die in water.) His recent work has been focused on physical presence, social interaction, and the difference between the document and the artifact.

Joshua David Norman is a artist that was born and raised in and around Winston-Salem, NC. After completing high school he moved to Greensboro NC to attend UNCG. He will graduate in the fall of 2010 with a BFA in Design. His main focus in his artwork has been based in drawing, printmaking, and video work. His varied interest include comic books, bicycling, climbing, and film, to name a few. He has not traveled nearly enough but plans on changing that soon.  Meet the man and shake his hand.

Roxy is a community facilitator/coagulator.  (that is all the information we received about her.  very mysterious…)


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