Meet Our Upcoming Resident Duo: Alan Brilliant and Anya Russian

We are pleased to announce that Alan Brilliant and Anya Russian will be our upcoming resident group. They will begin “experiencing” the Super G this month with public talk/event to follow.

ALAN BRILLIANT is a cultural entrepreneur, a poet and novelist and man of letters. In addition to art galleries and bookshops, he has devoted himself also to publishing, having founded Unicorn Press, in 1966 and continuing its direction until the present. He is President of the Unicorn Foundation for the Advacement of Modern Poetry, Inc. His Community Book Shop, his city’s only indepedent bookshop selling new books, is located at 1206 Grove Street, Greensboro, NC 237403.

Anya Russian is a poet and dance artist from Greensboro, NC , but prefers to think of herself as a person of the world. She is currently working on a book of poems based on her three years of international travel . She conducted her first experiential residency in France, where she worked at a youth hostel and ski resort and taught herself French in between bites of chèvre. Afterwards, she taught English for a year in Taiwan and backpacked solo for seven months through China and Southeast Asia. She is glad to make her return to Super G whose dizzying aisles of dried noodles and exotic mushrooms were a great source of relief after her travels. Anya graduated with a B.A. in sociology from UNC-Chapel Hill although she initially trained for a classical ballet career and has since been exploring other dance forms. She is a salsa aficionado and will be performing in Cyrus Arts Productions fall dance concert at UNCG. She is also currently serving as an AmeriCorps member with the Center for New North Carolinians, working with newly resettled refugees. She looks forward to a month of Super G exploration, which it seems, is what she does best.


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