Scavenging at the G – A Final Post by Anya

Well for those who haven’t heard, our Super G retreat is coming to a close. I guess we’re sort of like temporary laborers/schmoozers. Al would be proud of me. He’s been trying to teach me Yiddish in between our Super G rendezvous, but I’m not wired for triple guttural consonants. I’m far better with the cascading Spanish “r” or the seductive pursed “ou” in French. But Yiddish is probably more doable than my failing attempt this past week at a few Cambodian catch phrases. This older couple in the corner are so small and unassuming you might have trouble finding them in between their cluttered display of lamps and statues. Fortunately, the two of them are usually camped out in their folding chairs by the yellow wall-impossible to miss. Frankly I’ve learned more about Asian history from this seventy year old Cambodian man than I ever did in school (just in case you thought everything was fun and games at the Super G). Ask him anything from the intricacies of colonialism to historical misrepresentations in cinema. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the history of the world? Trust me on this one, Mr. K is your man. Yes, Mr. K loves to sit and talk, and his wife loves to feed me. On Thursday, it was steamed rice cake held up on a spoon towards my face, then a cup of sweetened soy milk, and then later some goji berries to help me live forever. Maybe I’ll still be around when a perplexed, bearded archeologist discovers the remains of Super G with all its inexplicable contraptions thousands of years from now. I can see it already, a group of futuristic school children with their oxygen tanks, wandering through the Museum of Eclectic History… “ Ooh! Look at that…an electric plastic Heineken bottle!”…. “And if you’ll look ahead on the left you’ll see the Valvolene man and his crew—5000 A.D., purpose unknown.” I have noticed the Valvolene man and his other miniature friends moving around a bit from vender to vender, kind of like a real life game of Where’s Waldo.


I feel content though to be parting official ways with Super G this month. Christmas decorations are out, the Chinese vases are in full gear, raffle prizes are up for sale, and it seems that Santa is even on his way, for a limited time only, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until the end of December. I’m looking forward to meeting Santa at our presentation this Thursday, though I must admit, I have high hopes for him. He can’t be just any Santa. He’s got to have some distinctive flair or signature trademark, like some three inch long sparkly Pakistani earrings or a sprig of Goji berries stowed behind his ear. Competition is tough these days, and Santa has got to get creative to make it in this market. I think Al would be a great Santa personally and I could certainly pass for an elf with the Pakistani slippers, but I suppose they need someone more committed and sedentary then us two aimless vagabonds who sneak out occasionally to grab a bundle of Korean yams or to peruse the wok selection. So whether you have a wish to share with Santa G or want a holiday picture with the abandoned perm machine, we invite you to come on down this Thursday to step into our shoes.



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