“You Learn Something By Doing This”

“You learn something by doing this: you learn about things that you wouldn’t normally at somebody else’s apron strings…it gives you something to pass on.” – Lois

The Super G Mart Residency rests on the opinion that one can come in, nest in the space for three weeks, and do as Lee lovingly puts it, “whatever you want.” Lois and Jody came into the Super G and rocked out for three weeks as a mother/daughter duo infusing scones with their art. Needless to say they were both welcome and loved and brought a little something special to the G community.

“We’re here as a part of a neat little community that I’ve never dreamed of…we’re a part of that.” – Lois

The beauty surrounding the Super G is that the meaning of art is completely subjective; meaning maybe you’ll get a graffiti artist in the space during one residency, the next, a scone master. During Wednesday’s talk Jody and Lois came together and told stories about their partnership and about the lessons they’ve learned while at the Super G. Lois spoke with us as friends, and related her experience as one of something completely evolutionary. Making scones a few times a week, you ask yourself what could one possibly learn. Easy: community, pride, strength, versatility and fun!

“If you have people in your life that you want to learn something from, take advantage of it.” – Jody

Lois and Jody showed us that art can take on yet another form: the form of fluffy Scottish biscuits. They’ve gone back to their home in New Jersey but their experience at the G will not soon be forgotten. I know the venders will certainly be hungry.


Written by Ashley
Images from Janie

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