A Message From “Ash the Intern”

I think the primary interest and gravitation towards the Super G is trying to figure out its context. The concept of a residency can be easily understood, only its context is another thing to deal understand simply because we folks at the residency have plopped it down in the middle of Super G Mart: the flea market/multicultural grocery store. Herein lies the “Experiential” part of the plot: the area around it. To most, sitting a creative residency in the middle of a flea market– especially coupled with most people’s common perceptions of what creativity is supposed to be– is just strange. But strange is what makes us at the G residency so special: we’re gifting artists with the opportunity to do something completely uninhibited.

While Lois and Jody baked away in the G cubicle, I spent some time meeting with the Experiential portion of the G: its vendors. I met Susie, who, from just a little chat, found out that she and her husband runs their space which is made up of leftover items from a massive store they once owned. By the end of the chatting, she inviting me to her Vietnamese Baptist church. Talk about interesting.





I’ve been trying to pin down the definition of the Super G’s “Experiential Residency” portion of the project for visitors and all others looking for a clearcut definition– because when the window is open for you to do as you please, your mind goes blank trying to fill a space with no restrictions. So far, this is what I’ve come up with: The Super G Experiential Residency Program is an intensive three-week challenge for the resident to utilize the resources of a small space, and the opportunities within a diversely confined community as effectively and creatively as possible. As intensive as those words sound, the program is anything but. Just ask Jody and Lois about the scones.

– Ash the Intern


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