Interview With Residents Kay and Carly

From an interview with “Ash’ the Intern” on Feb. 10th.  They discuss many things including schooling, cartoons, big squid and yellow oranges.

K:  Hey, Carly, whats up?


C: Not much, just hangin’.


K: Hey Carly if you were to try to describe yourself to me in a nutshell…a nutshell that incased your interests and backstory, what would you say?  to me?


C:  First I might tell you that all that talk about nut shells made me feel kinda snacky, and that of all of the various nuts I prefer almonds, lightly salted.  Then I would say something like, I like good fun, good food, good friends and good goofery. Right now I get paid to hang out with kids which I am pretty sure is one of the best jobs ever. In my free time I’m still working out how and who I wanna be.  Books, walks and riddles are also good things. Does that sound about right?


K:  And you like making and playing games too, huh?


C:  Sure do, Kay, Sure do.


K:  I think if I had to incase myself in a nutshell I would tell you that I was in my mid twenties, figuring out how to balance my time so that I can do the things that I love that don’t make me any money and also feed and house myself.  I would say I was interested, generally, in art, agriculture and food politics, bikes, alternative ways of living…silliness and adventures…

Am I missing anything?


C:  Naw, except maybe hanging out with your O’le pal Me and pondering all of the ways being a person is weird.

…Hey Kay.


K: Hey what?


C: Hey, so people keep asking me what we’re doing in Super G, I was just wondering, what exactly are we doing in Super G.  You could try to put it in that same nutshell, or maybe it can go in its own nut shell. What do you think?


K:  Lets put it in a separate one, because I think nuts go well in pairs…although I’m not exactly sure why.  At super G I think we’re really interested in inviting people in to have a dialog around ideas of attachment, specifically around the attachments people have to material objects.  I think you, personally, in an effort to sort through and process your Greensboro experience as you get ready to leave were really interested in letting go of a lot of your personal stuff and thinking about what exactly was so important about those things for you.  That was the beginning, it seems like… the spark.  Do you think this is the case?


C: Yeah, I guess that is where we started. Now we have a space to play, in a flea market none the less. What a great place to think about objects and peoples relationships to them. Flea markets are full of objects that have belonged to other people, and these people have imbibed these objects with all kinds of meaning, emotion and memory. These things are worth something clearly, and typically they are priced according to criteria like necessity or function. We started to wonder if we could find their worth based on some other criteria. How might we decide what they were worth if we couldn’t know their function?


K: Yea, would you buy something simply because it really incapsulated romance?   Or an object that was loaded with nostalgia?  Would you choose not to buy an item because the history of its ownership was riddled with feelings of obligation?  Or worse, laziness?

Anyways, forgive me if it sounds like Im trying to sell you some packaged cheese…



C: No, no cheese.

But if you want to run to Super G, I would buy an obscure fruit. You can have half.


K:  Thanks.  You can have half of my giant squid jerky strip that I found there…I can’t eat the whole thing…this month…


C: Sick!






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