Join us for Super G Supper! Saturday, June 18

On Saturday, June 18 Color Wheelz will be hosting a colorful food potluck at Super G Mart. The dinner is free, but you have to bring one dish that demonstrates some kind of play on color. You can change the color of food using food dye, fruit juice, herbs, spices, xanthan gum, corn starch, arrow root, food processors or invent a new method of your own. The idea is to manipulate the way we perceive food and affect the way it tastes and/or smells. For example, red may be assumed to be strawberry or cherry and yellow is perceived to be lemon or banana. Meat is usually a reddish brown and salad is usually a greenish yellow. What if salad was a reddish brown and meat was a greenish yellow? Would you still eat it?

The color of the plate, bowl or lights  also has an impact on the color of food. Feel free to bring plates, table clothes or lights to set up for our dinner!

If you have any questions please email

Where: 4927 West Market St. Flea Market (walk to the back of the store)

When: Satuday June 18, 5pm – 7pm


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