Summer Residents: Jeffrey Pubantz and Steven Sewell

The Super G Experiential Residency Program is pleased to announce our upcoming summer residents. This June, Jeffrey Pubantz and Steven Sewell will be coming down from Michigan to experience the Super G. What will happen? Nobody knows… not even them!

Jeffrey Pubantz holds an MFA in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art and teaches digital photography for UNC-Greensboro’s All Arts, Sciences and Technology Camp. He uses photography, video, music and performance in his work, which has been exhibited in several galleries nationally. Jeffrey is also an accomplished board game player and saxophonist.

Steven Sewell is an artist and musician from Chattanooga, Tennessee who is currently living in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. His most recent work deals with celebrations of life and memorials of death from both a personal and a large-scale pop culture viewpoint. Outside of art, Steven enjoys organizing things and football. He closely follows the Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions.


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