What Is This All About?

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The Super G: Experiential Residency Program is an intensive three-week residency that invites thinkers and practitioners to collectively develop projects that are directed towards the production of “experience.”

The Super G Mart is a 75,000 square foot international supermarket and public flea market. Residents are given a 144 square foot space within the flea market to use and transform in any way wish. This space can act as a central hub for exploring the Super G, an actual site for social engagement, a temporary resource for the public, or simply a place to sit and do nothing.

Resident groups invited to the program can range from professionals and amateurs in a vast variety of disciplines from musicians, architects, poets, yogi’s, carpenters, anthropologists, chefs, athletes, and more.

To conclude each residency, collaborative groups will give a public talk at the Super G discussing their use of the space and the experience of the residency.

For more information or to apply, contact Lee Walton at lee@leewalton.com or Donovan McKnight at mcknight.donovan@gmail.com

The Super G Mart is located at
4927 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC

You can call them at this number: (336) 252-1055

Getting there by car, foot or unicycle.

Getting there by bus


4 thoughts on “What Is This All About?

    1. Hi Heather,
      The SUPER G is in transition. We have found a new Director! Everything is back up and running. Please send a message to me – Lee@leewalton.com and i will put you in touch with the New Director. (to be announced publicly soon…)


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