Inside and Out – July Residents: Sarah Hillenbrand and Stephen Holder

Super G Experiential Residency announces its fist two residents, Mr. Stephen Holder and Ms. Sarah Hillenbrand. These independent, yet simultaneous residents will spend three weeks at the Super G, a 75,000 square foot international supermarket.  Sarah will be focusing her attention on the public space inside the Super G while Stephen will be exploring wild life on the outside.  To conclude each residency, Holder and Hillenbrand will give a public talk at the Super G, discussing their experience of the residency. The talk could take any form. Stay posted for the time and date.

Sarah Hillenbrand is Managing Director for Touring Theatre of North Carolina, a value-driven, nonprofit, professional theatre company that produces literary and historical adaptations to the stage.  All of its productions focus on issues of culture, ethnicity, and gender.  In the distant past, she also worked as the mouse at Chuckie Cheese, a paper carrier, a retail associate, a loan processor, a receptionist for an insurance agent, a voice over artist, a waitress, a restaurant General Manager, and a professional actress. Hillenbrand is the mother of two brilliant daughters, ages two and nine.  Sarah also has a propensity for rescuing stray animals.

Stephen Holder is an amateur ornithologist who has spent most of his adult life touring the United States as a professional pianist.  According to Stephen, he “simply played it because it was there”.  However, his real passions are so endless and so diverse it often gives him vertigo.  He attended the University of Tennessee, studying music and history. Holder is a voracious reader and an intense observer and analyst of the everyday. He is a proud member of the Piedmont Bird Club and enjoys his aquarium and garden.  He is an insomniac.

More information about the Super G: Experiential Residency and how to get involved can be found in the previous post.

Stop by the Super G and meet the residence…


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